• The reviewing, providing feedback and critiquing of outsourced assets

  • Coordinating with Production and Leads to establish timelines, vendor pipelines, and processes

  • Maintaining relationships and communications with vendors and external sources

  • Managing task estimations from multiple external vendors across multiple projects

  • Clearly highlighting roadblocks and bottlenecks from external sources to internal teams

  • Driving the creation of outsourcing packages with the necessary documentation and assets

  • Providing summaries of inbound assets for internal review purposes in an accessible manner

  • Source and in-engine setup of the outsourced assets when required

  • Solving arising issues efficiently and quickly


  • 3+ years of Art Management Experience (Art or Departmental Lead)

  • Background in 3D Environment or 3D Character discipline

  • Experience in managing internal and external art deliveries

  • Ability to differentiate and prioritize asset delivery based upon current requirements

  • Strong scheduling knowledge with experience using asset and project management tools

  • Strong knowledge of how game engines work and hands-on experience with Unity and/or Unreal Engine

  • Strong knowledge of 3D Studio Max, Maya (or both) and Substance Painter

  • Ability to handle multiple projects at once

  • Excellent communication skills with both third party services and internal teams

  • Knowledge of Jira and MS Suite


  • Possess a great passion for video games

  • Fluent English language skills

  • Understanding Animation and Animation pipelines

  • Strong organizational skills and a hard-working attitude

  • Friendly and clear communication within stand-ups/scrums