• Create highly detailed and creative environment models and textures for in-game use, in the required Art Style

  • Manage Assets through the established pipeline, from creation to in-engine setup

  • Help in Research & Development, expanding the visual quality while preserving performance

  • Work together with other Environment and Tech Artists to maintain but also evolve an effective asset pipeline

  • Partner with Lead Artist and Environment Lead to help reach the team target goal

  • Proactively seek out opportunities to identify and deal with issues before they arise

  • Buy into the established art vision of the game and ensure this is delivered for the environment in its entirety, at the end of the project

  • Serve as Mentor for less experienced Environment Artists and help them evolve their skills

  • Help prepare and review any potential Outsource work 


  • 2.5+ years of professional experience as an Environment Artist, in the Games Industry

  • Thorough knowledge of 3d Studio Max or/and Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter and Designer, Unity or Unreal Engine

  • Work from concept or reference, but also be creative and provide input for the direction of an asset

  • Knowing when to ‘throw something together’ for prototyping, when you need to sacrifice quality for time and when it’s time to polish

  • Love to collaborate and to work within a team. Willing to provide and accept direction and the ability to embrace change.

  • Love playing and creating games while thinking how to take them to the next level

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills



  • Experience with various systems and processes of game engines

  • Experience with Destructible Items, their creation, and setup in engine

  • Experience with Houdini and how it can be used effectively to Environment Pipelines

  • Understanding of asset preparation for Animation, organic or mechanical