• Be able to whitebox and greybox levels with the help of the Design department to prove gameplay in early stages

  • Plan and execute asset layout, with main and decorative elements, while taking in mind gameplay and story

  • Mix and match a different set of assets in creative ways to make the most out of the Project’s Asset Library

  • Coordinate well with Environment Team for the level needs when it comes to Assets

  • Where present, work with Terrain, in and out of the Game Engine to achieve the level’s requirements

  • Help the rest of the team to stay under Performance budgets and do any necessary adjustments to the Level to hit the target scope

  • Handle any project structure and gameplay related needs that a level creates




  • Plan and gather reference to show the target visual result

  • Prepare the scene for lighting, by cleaning layout and creating the necessary conditions

  • Light the scene, under the guided lighting conditions, with Baked or Realtime Lights

  • Create different lighting scenarios from already existing, Lighted Scenes

  • Use Visual Effects to help focus on specific lighting conditions

  • Create and work with Post Processing to push the visual of the game according to the platform needs

  • Handle any light and post process related side work that is needed to complete the level



  • Coordinate with Art Director and Art Lead about the style of the game in development

  • Work closely with Producers to keep track of the development schedule

  • Be flexible in sacrificing quality in an early stage of an asset development to help a schedule to move on, then improving and polishing it at the appropriate stage of a project

  • Be proactive to research and suggest solutions for various development issues that may arise


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