Team Management:

  • Be able to ensure that the assets coming out from Environment pipeline fit the given style of the project

  • Be able to organize the Environment Team, from task distribution, to deadline and milestone management, to progress update and file coherence

  • Work closely with Technical Artists and the Tech team to ensure that Environment content is under the performance targets for the project

  • Be able to update and help maintain all the Environment related pipelines, with a goal of always finding the most optimal way between quality and time

  • Be able to pass knowledge and train other Environment Artists

  • Be able to interview and recruit new Environment Artists that can fit with the current Environment Team composition



  • Be able to organize the creation of the necessary documentation to outsource environment assets

  • Be able to coordinate with the rest of the environment team in order to prepare related material for outsourcing of environment assets

  • Be able to setup an efficient feedback process for outsourced props, and manage it together with the Outsourcing Manager

Asset Creation:

  • Understand the nature of the asset in question, given the setting, lore and limitations applied to its development

  • Be flexible and create a 3D asset either from concept or references

  • Be flexible and follow the fitting high poly pipeline for an asset, in order to bake down the necessary maps to use for texturing

  • Quickly produce base mesh to show the asset translating from 2D to 3D, in ‘clean’ topology

  • Texture an asset to completion while respecting the art style of the project

  • Be able to help with the planning of Modular Sets, their connectivity, structure and application to the project

  • Keep organized file structure in the Art Source and inside the 3D and 2D Files and keep asset documentation up to date

  • Coordinate with Level Designers and Worldbuilders for any restrictions for Asset Creation that might occur and adapt work and pipeline accordingly


In Engine:

  • Prepare all the necessary assets according to pipeline for importing in the project

  • Import, setup, and pass assets in the engine, while keeping the project specific values, structure and pipeline

  • Create and setup asset LOD and colliders

  • Work together with the Technical Artists to support any custom function that a shader will require



  • Coordinate with Art Director and Art Lead about the style of the game in development

  • Work closely with Producers to keep track of the development schedule