• The Senior Technical Animator works closely with the Lead Animator and Lead Artist to research, design, develop and implement in-house tools to solve challenges during production and to make the workflow more efficient. Core tasks will involve rigging, scripting and animation.

  • The Senior Technical Animator will work closely with the rigging and animation teams to ensure that the production needs are understood and met, and that animators have fast, efficient, intuitive animatable characters, while at the same time being able to address specific requirements from the departments and maintaining the consistency of what has been already created.

  • The role will also be responsible for the correct porting of created rigs between Maya and the real time engine. The successful candidate can also identify deficiencies in the technical process and recommend future proof solutions.

  • This is a broad and exciting role which encompasses many disciplines across art and engineering, including but not limited to: programming, modelling, texturing, rigging, dynamics and animation.



  • Strong understanding of CG pipelines and production methods with excellent organizational and artistic skills. 

  • Maya and MEL scripting, Python Maya API programming:

    • R&D and Pipeline Tools development on Maya side as per need

    • Custom rigging/skinning solutions (human/non-human)

  • Unity C# programming skills:

    • R&D and Pipeline Tools development on unity side as per need

    • Custom character setup (generic/humanoid)

    • hybrid animation/physics systems implementation (using ragdoll) to blend between animation driven states and physics/ dynamics driven states

    • Keen on implementing scripted animation solutions involving animation states and overall animation flow, while keeping eye for artistic details

    • Streamline departments flow and make sure data gets translated 1 to 1 between the art department and the programming department

  • Proficient in written and spoken english

  • Good organizational and communication skills



  • A show reel demonstrating mechanical rigging abilities

  • Unreal & C++ production experience

  • Ability to take on a delegated task with a minimum of supervision

  • Attention to detail and creative problem solving

  • Ability to learn quickly and assimilate new information