• Own & Improve the player’s gameplay experience 

  • Accurately and promptly take and implement instructions from the Producer 

  • Design and Iterate on design systems 

  • Validate and iterate features and mechanics while staying within the game’s vision and core pillars 

  • Expand on the design details and identify issues with the existing game design 

  • Accurately complete assigned tasks in order to meet milestones, schedules, and other miscellaneous deadlines. 

  •  Create & balance content for Gameplay Systems 

  • Balance and tune existing gameplay features and systems 

  • Engage in research on related topics to find inspiration for designing memorable gaming experiences 

  •  Create and maintain compelling game design documentation and reference materials 

  • Be an advocate for balancing gameplay, UX and visual elements while staying within vision set forth by the creative director 

  • Foster a culture of sharing knowledge, best practices and standards 

  • Identify bugs and issues and suggest solutions to mitigate problems 

  •  Ensure a high-quality product, together with Quality Assurance 

  • Support and contribute to new ideas 

  • Implement proof of concepts for your ideas 

  • Document and illustrate game design systems and concepts 

  • Create presentations explaining and showcasing your creations, levels, systems, and prototypes 



  • At least 5 years of professional games industry experience as Game Designer for Console and PC, with 1+ years in a Senior Position 

  • Work with major modern consoles (XBox One, PS4, Switch) 

  • Ability to translate design goals into tangible mechanics and balancing values 

  • Ability to work independently with assigned tasks and take responsibility for delivering game design specifications according to the project’s schedule 

  • Good problem-solving skills 

  • Good communication skills 

  • Ability to reach consensus in an interdisciplinary team of subject matter experts 

  • Good English-speaking skills and ability to write design documentation in English



  • Experience with UE4 and/or UE3 a plus 

  • Work with major VR Platforms