Senior Programmer 



  • Designing, implementing and testing of game functionality based on design, using UE4  

  • Write clean, professional and maintainable code 

  • Continuous refinement and optimization of existing code 

  • Break down high level design tasks into concrete technical tasks. Complete assigned tasks in a timely and efficient manner

  • Produce gameplay ideas and features from prototypes till product launch 

  • Communication and collaboration with other team members in different departments (e.g. Art, Design, Production) 

  • Conception of APIs, tools, and workflows to optimize the pipeline 

  • Expansion of existing projects for new hardware or devices if required 

  • Proactively problem-solve performance and stability issues when necessary 

  • Foster a culture of sharing knowledge, best practices and standards  

  • Ensuring high product quality, together with Quality Assurance 

  • Support and contribute to new ideas to game design and implement a proof of concept 

  • Mentor and support new team members 



  • 4+ years' experience at a professional video game company, with 1+ years in a Senior Position 

  • At least 1 shipped game titles as a programmer  

  • Solid experience with shader languages, graphics APIs, and debugging tools

  • Experience with GPU/CPU profiling and optimization techniques

  • Familiarity with Physically Based Rendering and related concepts

  • Solid proficiency in C/C++/C#, including refactoring, optimization, and testing

  • Confident researching/prototyping new technologies

  • Experience integrating/adapting 3rd party technologies

  • Ability to write clear and maintainable code

  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills



  • Experience with ray tracing techniques, CPU or GPU based

  • Work with major VR Platforms (Oculus, GearVR, Vive, PSVR)

  • Work with major modern consoles (XBox One, PS4, Switch)


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