• Full accountability for all our games technology, architecture and tech processes across multiple products

  • Identify, communicate and pursue key strategic engineering efforts

  • Drive communication across all disciplines in coordinating engineering plans

  • Lead technical design reviews to identify potential problems

  • Identify/plan tool development to improve productivity

  • Provide full support to teams when technical challenges are encountered

  • Manage and coach our engineers to higher levels of excellence

  • Maintain a broad view of emerging technologies and developments

  • Champion sound, actionable, technical solutions required to provide a high-quality experience to our players

  • Partner with production to remove blockers and consistently hit sprint goals

  • Hands-on mentality and lead by example



  • Highly experienced in games development leadership positions within companies with a core focus on complex, hard-core games

  • Experience with Console development

  • Strong knowledge of C#, C++, Java or other OOP languages

  • Experience working with custom game engines and range of commercially available engines, including Unity3D and Unreal

  • Very good knowledge of 3D Math and Physics

  • Capability and the right attitude to mentor and teach software developers

  • Exceptional communication and organizational skills, as well as strong research and analytical skills

  • Good English language skills



  • Experience in development of UI, audio and animation systems

  • Experience of writing shaders using GLSL, HLSL or Cg

  • Good CPU and GPU optimization skills


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